Submit your public comments now! Tell the Department of Labor you support new overtime protections--for faculty too!

The Department of Labor just proposed a plan to protect an estimated 5 million additional workers from minimum wage and overtime abuse. And now they need to hear from you. While this is a major victory, right now faculty are not included!

Submit your comments here! Support this victory and call on the Department of Labor to make sure all workers, including faculty, have the rights and protections they deserve

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To Secretary Tom Perez, U.S.Department of Labor 

I fully support the Department of Labor’s proposal to update its regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and bring millions of salaried, white collar employees under the Act's protections. I support the increase of the salary test to the reasonable level of $50,440 next year, and applaud the proposal to automatically update the level in future years.

However, the proposed rule’s benefits will not extend to me and my colleagues at colleges and universities.  In today’s economy, the majority of college instruction is provided by contingent faculty, who are particularly likely to be overworked and underpaid. Many faculty earn less than the salary test level but are still left out of minimum wage and overtime protections under federal law.


I therefore urge the Department of Labor to propose further rulemaking to bring the rest of the regulations covering white-collar exemptions in line with the purposes of the FLSA and to ensure that all professional workers, including faculty, have the rights and protections they deserve.